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Welcome to the North Texas Polymer Clay Guild!

We are a group of polymer clay artists and enthusiasts who meet once per month from September to May. We like to share information and keep up on what is going on with polymer clay in Texas and around the nation. We encourage anyone with a passion for polymer clay to come and visit our guild.

Our next monthly demonstration will be...

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NTPCG - Home Page - Demo Section October 2014

Making Silk Screens by Diane Foster


Making Eyeballs by Ruth Steiner

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Making Silk Screens by Diane Foster
Making Eyeballs by Ruth Steiner NTPCG - Home Page - Demo Section
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Diane's Bio:

I have the books, tools and supplies for dozens of different crafts; I've even done some of them.

From the middle 70's to the early 2000's I was obsessed with dollhouse miniatures. One day I woke up and just wasn't interested in them anymore. But, during those thirty odd years, I managed to teach myself how to make bread dough fruit and vegetables. That led to making bread dough flowers for which I needed flower pots. I taught myself how to make ceramic molds - crude, very crude. Eventually I had many custom paper designs made into paper punches, which I used to make paper flower kits - all in 12th inch scale. From making my own flower pots, I progressed to making miniature ceramic dishes - my mold making skills had greatly improved. But, I think making a business out of the miniatures burned me out.

In 1987, on a whim, I took a doll sculpting class in Grant's Pass, OR. It was taught by Theo Menzenbach, a retired Hummel master sculptor and the sculptor of the Zapf line of dolls. What started out as a one- time deal turned into 23 classes over the next seven years. I also took life sculpting classes from a Dallas sculptor from 1993 through 1997. Enjoyed it, but never did anything with it. Have the tools, forgot the technique.

I learned a lot more about making molds from another German, Fritz Mueller. He was Theo's mold maker - another retired Hummel master. Two friends and I had him come to Las Vegas for two weeks where he taught us an intensive class in mold making the German way. I also took a week's class from a professional commercial doll mold maker. He taught me how to make quality rubber master molds from my original plaster molds. I am an excellent mold maker - no brag, just fact.

Polymer clay is a relatively new interest. Sometime in the late 90's or early 2000's Babette Cox had John Wylie come to Dallas to teach his wood grain technique. She invited the Dallas Stampers - yes, that's another addiction - to attend because she had several empty spaces. I decided, why not. I attended the last two meetings of the Guild for that year and became a regular member when the meetings started in that August. Like everything else, I seem to enjoy the process more than the product.

There is no supply list for this demonstration. However, Diane will discuss the materials needed so a pad and pen will be helpful.

Ruth's Bio:

Ruth Steiner loves to create with many different mediums. She is always looking for something new to add to her creative processes. She will be demonstrating how to make eyeballs.

The supplies needed for this demonstration are basic polymer clay supplies, white, black and eye color clay.